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Maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace restroom is essential for the health and well-being of employees and visitors. A dirty restroom can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses, spreading illnesses and diseases. 

However, determining how often workplace restrooms should be cleaned can take time and effort. This article will discuss some factors to consider when determining how often workplace restrooms should be cleaned and how quality janitorial services can help.

1. Number of Employees and Visitors

One of the most important factors to consider when determining how often workplace restrooms should be cleaned is the number of employees and visitors who use the restroom. 

Restrooms used by many people should be cleaned more frequently than those used by a few people. This is because the more people who use the restroom, the greater the risk of spreading germs and bacteria.

2. Frequency of Use

High-traffic restrooms used frequently throughout the day should be cleaned more often than those used less frequently. For example, a restroom used by employees several times a day may need to be cleaned more frequently than one used by visitors only once or twice daily.

3. Type of Business

The type of business can also be a factor in determining how often a workplace restroom should be cleaned. For example, a restaurant or food service establishment may need to clean its restrooms more frequently than an office building or retail store. Food service establishments are subject to stricter health and safety regulations and are at a higher risk of spreading illnesses and diseases.

4. Type of Restroom Fixtures

Restrooms with touchless fixtures, such as touchless faucets and hand dryers, may need to be cleaned less frequently than those with traditional fixtures, as there is less contact with surfaces that can spread germs and bacteria.

5. Time of Day

The time of day can also impact how often a workplace restroom needs to be cleaned. Restrooms used more frequently during peak hours, such as during lunch breaks or shift changes, may need to be cleaned more often than those used less frequently during off-peak hours.

So, How Often Should Workplace Restrooms Be Cleaned?

Based on the factors we’ve discussed, it is recommended that workplace restrooms be cleaned at least once a day. However, depending on the above factors, some restrooms may need to be cleaned more frequently. 

For example, high-traffic restrooms may need to be cleaned two or three times a day, while restrooms with touchless fixtures may only need to be cleaned once every two or three days. In addition to daily cleaning, it is also essential to perform deep cleaning periodically. Deep cleaning should be done at least once weekly, including scrubbing and disinfecting floors, walls, and fixtures and restocking supplies.

It is also essential to have a plan for cleaning and disinfecting the restroom in the event of an illness outbreak. This may include increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting, using more powerful disinfectants, and providing additional supplies such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

Hiring Professionals to Do the Cleaning

Commercial janitorial cleaning services for workplace restrooms provide an effective and efficient way to keep these spaces hygienic and pleasant. Professional janitorial services can maintain a high level of cleanliness in restroom areas. They can ensure that all surfaces are regularly wiped down, that all fixtures are kept in good working order, and that any odors are eliminated.


Janitor cleaning services are an essential factor in maintaining workplace restrooms. With regular and thorough cleaning, janitorial services can help keep restrooms clean and sanitary. In short, janitorial services are an invaluable asset in the workplace, providing a clean and safe environment for employees and customers.

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